I'm Louie Alfred L. Gomez and I'm already in my twenties.

Aside from blogging, I also enjoy reading books, listening to music, watching movies and American and British TV shows, pigging out (when the food is delicious), tweeting, and curing my lethargy.

My full-fledged blog which I aptly named "The Macroblog" (but update less frequently) can be found on

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Holy Week is better in the Philippines. It’s so sad I didn’t get this this year.

Am I in Angeles City, Philippines, or Los Angeles? There are parts of this city that makes you feel like you’re not in the US.

Time is gold. Time is red. Time is Rolex. #lategram (at Lax International Airport)

Driving along the Metro ExpressLanes.

Unfortunately, hanggang sa gate lang ako. (I accompanied my brother to the airport, he’s going to TX.) (at Gate 33A)