I'm Louie Alfred L. Gomez and I'm already in my twenties.

Aside from blogging, I also enjoy reading books, listening to music, watching movies and American and British TV shows, pigging out (when the food is delicious), tweeting, and curing my lethargy.

My full-fledged blog which I aptly named "The Macroblog" (but update less frequently) can be found on

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Pang hipster na bookstore sa Vermont Avenue. (at Skylight Books)

Heads up! Watch for trains. #metro #metroblueline #LRT #headsup (at Willow (Los Angeles Metro station))

The #Swarm. Fourth of July celebrations in Downtown Los Angeles. Ang daming tao!

I passed my actual driving test with just #OneShot! Thanks to everyone who taught me driving: my uncle, my sister, and my Argentinian driving instructor with a French surname (who thinks that the Philippines has no national football team). Back in the Philippines, I never got the motivation to learn how to drive, public transportation was enough for me. Here in the US, although public transportation is more efficient, there are schedules that buses and trains follow. So you could waste a lot of time waiting for a bus or train and if you don’t want to be late, you may have to arrive 30 to 60 minutes early at your destination due to the infrequency of some of the bus lines. Ergo, private transportation is more convenient (but not all the time). I’ll still use the #Metro trains and buses, although not as frequent as before. Here’s one tip for you guys, if you’re migrating to the US, be sure to know how to drive before arriving here! #DMV

Ikot-ikot lang sa Americana at Brand. Ikot-ikot lang. #ikotikotlang (at The Americana at Brand)