I'm Louie Alfred L. Gomez and I'm already in my twenties.

Aside from blogging, I also enjoy reading books, listening to music, watching movies and American and British TV shows, pigging out (when the food is delicious), tweeting, and curing my lethargy.

My full-fledged blog which I aptly named "The Macroblog" (but update less frequently) can be found on

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Here’s the first book that I bought on Amazon, Silence by Shusaku Endo. Actually, it’s the first book that I bought here in the US too.

Sunny LA. It’s so hot here. I wish the drought would finally end.

The waiting room at my doctor’s office. It felt like I was in a Grey’s Anatomy scene. It was empty except for me. I only waited for a few minutes to see the doctor. (at Cedars Sinai Medical Group)

Hanapin ang produktong gawa sa Pilipinas sa imaheng ito. The first to answer correctly wins a 750 ml bottle of Rufina Patis! (at Vons)

I had a weird/fun day seeing my doctor in Beverly Hills. The route that I took to Cedars-Sinai Medical Group was scary because I had to go up the Hollywood Hills and there were lots of sharp curves (it felt like I was in Baguio). After dealing with heavy traffic and a treacherous road (I was almost late for my appointment) I was finally able to meet my primary care physician who is both an internist and a pediatrician. He was nice and helpful but I was surprised that he didn’t know about primary complex. Or maybe he just didn’t hear me because when I mentioned it he said, “What’s that?”. After my check-up, I decided to drive along Wilshire Blvd and I got to see the Urban Lights at LACMA again. Finally, I stopped at Saint Brendan Catholic Church for a few minutes before heading home via the US 101 (no more zigzags for me). (at Cedars Sinai Medical Group)