I'm Louie Alfred L. Gomez and I'm already in my twenties.

Aside from blogging, I also enjoy reading books, listening to music, watching movies and American and British TV shows, pigging out (when the food is delicious), tweeting, and curing my lethargy.

My full-fledged blog which I aptly named "The Macroblog" (but update less frequently) can be found on

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Just big enough to fry an egg.

#HarryPotter first-class Forever stamps!

So this is where we go to mass now, Saint Charles Borromeo. Another beautiful church here in LA. I can’t really compare it to Saint Brendan because the two churches have different styles architecturally. The former being Spanish colonial-style, and the latter being a Gothic revival-style church. If you’ll ever find yourselves here in LA, be sure to visit these two gems. And oh, don’t forget the Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels in Downtown #LA. #church (at St. Charles Borromeo)

The last thing I did before moving to our new apartment was to hear mass at Saint Brendan. Gonna miss this mesmerizing church and the priests who always offer insightful homilies… and the free donuts after the 0800 mass. Hopefully, I’ll be able to visit this church again some time in the near future.#nofilter #losangeles #church (at St Brendan Catholic Church)

It felt like I was in France. #selfie (at J. Paul Getty Museum)